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We are a leading company on the Polish market specializing in the construction of sports facilities. Based on over 20 years of experience of our partners and using the latest technologies available on the market, we have created a completely new quality of pitch roofing, effective and economical in terms of use. We are able to build a hall for various purposes, from small ones for a tennis court to halls covering full-size football pitches. These are functional objects, providing ideal conditions for training.

As a contractor of pneumatic halls, we can guide you through every stage of the investment, from consulting on functional solutions (using additional facilities: selection of heating, storage facility for the hall during the summer season, special trolleys for transporting and storing coatings, etc.), including the design and obtaining necessary permits for the construction and service of the hall, such as hall unfolding and folding, staff instructor, etc.

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More than 20 years of experience in air domes allowed us to offer the most refined solution for pneumatic halls.

We can roof every pitch:

  • full-size football pitch
  • Orlik pitch
  • a tennis court or a set of courts
  • customized pitch
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Giżycko – construction of a pneumatic hall step by step